About Us

About the Global Data Alliance

The Global Data Alliance is a cross-industry coalition of companies that are committed to high standards of data responsibility and that rely on the transfer of data around the world to innovate and create jobs. At a time of rising digital protectionism, a multi-sector voice is needed to support sensible and responsible cross-border data policies in capitals around the world. The Global Data Alliance provides that voice.

Who We Are

The Global Data Alliance supports policies that help instill trust in the digital economy while safeguarding the ability to transfer data across borders and refraining from imposing data localization requirements that restrict trade. Alliance member companies are headquartered across the globe and are active in many different sectors. The Alliance is open to companies in all sectors that transfer data across borders for business purposes and that support data responsibility. It is administered by BSA | The Software Alliance.

Why Was the Alliance Created?

No business with an international operation can function without the ability to transfer data across borders. Yet, there is a growing trend across the globe to impose data localization requirements and restrict cross-border data transfers. These measures are a serious threat to economic growth and opportunity in sectors including:




Biopharmaceutical R&D

Consumer Goods







Media and Publishing

Supply Chain / Logistics


What We Believe

The Global Data Alliance subscribes to the following principles:

Countries should allow for the seamless movement of data across borders for business purposes. This movement is critical to innovation, investment, and competitiveness in all sectors.

Data localization mandates and cross-border data transfer restrictions are neither necessary nor efficient means to advance objectives relating to cybersecurity, supply chain security, privacy, or law enforcement access.

Any rules relating to the movement of information across borders should be:

  • necessary to achieve a legitimate objective;
  • narrowly tailored and not impose greater restrictions than necessary;
  • non-discriminatory and technology-neutral; and
  • developed and maintained in a transparent manner and subject to reasonable limits on government discretion.

Countries should work together to:

  • create trust-based frameworks that are interoperable and support the seamless movement of information across borders; and
  • support the use of accountability models for personal data protection and cybersecurity to foster responsible data transfer practices.

The Global Data Alliance is working to advance these principles through in-country advocacy in the markets in which it is active, and through engagement in international fora around the world.

Contact Information


Joseph Whitlock
Executive Director


Tham Shen Hong
Manager, Policy


Irma Gudziunaite
Director, Policy