Meet the Team

Joseph Whitlock

Joseph Whitlock, Director, Policy, develops and implements strategies that advance international trade policy goals and objectives.

Eunice Lim

Eunice Lim, Senior Manager, Policy — APAC, works closely with the team to develop strategies and implement plans to advance policy in APAC.

Isabelle Roccia

Isabelle Roccia, Director—EMEA, works with members to develop and advance policy positions on a range of key issues, with a focus on data privacy and digital trade.

Victoria A. Espinel

Victoria A. Espinel, President and CEO of BSA | The Software Alliance, is a respected authority on the intersection of technology innovation, global markets, and public policy.

Craig Albright

Craig Albright leads BSA’s engagement with the US Congress.

Thomas Boué

Thomas Boué, Director General, Policy—EMEA, oversees public policy activities in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa regions.

Aaron Cooper

Aaron Cooper, Vice President, Global Policy, leads BSA’s global policy team and contributes to the advancement of members’ policy priorities.

Kate Goodloe

Kate Goodloe, Director, Policy, works with members to develop and advance policy positions on privacy, as well as artificial intelligence and law enforcement access.

Geun Kim

Geun Kim, Country Manager—Korea, works with members to develop strategies to open markets and promote innovation and digital trade.

Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy

Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy, Country Manager—India, leads on policy issues around personal data protection, privacy, cybersecurity, cloud adoption, and emerging tech.

Antonio Eduardo Mendes da Silva

Antonio Eduardo Mendes da Silva, Country Manager—Brazil, works with members to develop policy and gov. affairs initiatives on regulatory and legislative issues.

Tomoko Naoe

Tomoko Naoe, Country Manager—Japan, works with members to advance positions on key policy issues including privacy, cybersecurity, digital trade, and emerging tech.

Jared Ragland

Jared Ragland, Senior Director, Policy—APAC, works with members to develop international strategies to promote innovation and digital trade in foreign markets.

Tham Shen Hong

Tham Shen Hong works with BSA members to develop international strategies and policy positions on key issues in APAC markets.

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